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Case Study

The primary goal of the client's event sponsorship strategy has changed from being focused on generating brand awareness to demonstrating the commercial value potential of sponsoring events. The client team selected the Soweto Marathon as the first use case for this change of focus, and approached Responsive Digital to assist in creating a high-level strategy, execution plan and crafted content to begin the transition from brand awareness to realising commercial value through digital channels. Primary goal: Generate quality leads and drive them to the selected product landing pages. Secondary goal: Convert the leads into potential customers with the goal of a completed lead submission form.
Starting with the end goal in mind, the team evaluated the client's offerings and met with internal product teams to understand the target personas, unique value propositions and product assets available as leverage for the campaign. The outcome of this process was a strategy based around a savings product and an insurance product, as they both appealed to the target market likely to be interested in the event. A comprehensive strategy was defined, including digital marketing, paid media and crafted content. The Responsive team integrated directly with the client's web and social channels, to leverage existing audiences and track the campaign success from leads through to internal call centres.
The client was able to assign a real commercial value to each of the converted leads directly back to the campaign. Ultimately this demonstrated a return on investment that could be associated with sponsoring the event.
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