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Case Study

Our client approached us to provide an independent review of an administration component developed by a third party. We were told our review needed to focus on 5 elements: coding standards, architecture, security, scalability and maintainability. The main purpose of the review was to highlight major concerns and risks for DFI as they considered partnering with the third party.
Given the timeframe and the scope of the project, the 5 elements were assessed in a tool-assisted code review. This was supplemented by a project kick-off session and a review of the documentation, as well as a Q&A session between Responsive Digital and the third party. The Q&A session focused on the software development life cycle, high-level solution design, use of tools to manage the environment, and infrastructure.
We delivered an 8-page report that highlighted key findings in the aspects of solution design, infrastructure and hosting, and coding standards. The report also included a rationale for our findings. A clear recomendation was made regarding the way forward, along with a few key items that required immediate attention. The client was incredibly happy with the findings and recommendations delivered, especially considering the short time frame. Our client was then able to move ahead with the third party with the confidence that they had made the right decision.
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