Asset Management Company

Case Study

The head of Strategy approached Responsive to help develop, articulate and socialise a number of ideas to improve client servicing within the business, as well as define a delivery roadmap for their execution. Three key measures of success were identified: ensuring all stakeholders clearly understand each idea; gaining an understanding of how the business prioritises the ideas; and defining a delivery approach and roadmap to unite all stakeholders on the way forward.
Two collaborative workshop sessions of two hours each unearthed no less than 20 ideas. The Responsive team fleshed out each of the the ideas and positioned them as proposals linked to an existing problem or area of opportunity. A beautifully designed document was created using the client's brand identity and one idea per page. The head of strategy circulated this document internally, requesting that each respondent reply with their top five ideas in order of priority. The Responsive team collated all the results, weighted the various scores, and provided a number of data insights into the results.
The head of Strategy was able to run a productive workshop day with key stakeholders, to discuss the top ideas and gain consensus on the best ones. The Responsive team then crafted a delivery approach and execution roadmap that is currently being used to drive the execution.
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