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Whether you are a Mac Groupie or part of the PC master race, we are all part of the world of tech and we need to use a machine to make things happen.

Which one should you choose? There is no definitive answer to this question, but I want to deconstruct some of the misconceptions about both options. 


It’s All About Application

I have used both Mac and PC throughout my journey with computers and to directly compare them doesn’t make sense. What’s important is what you need from your machine. Whether you are a developer, a motion designer or a speed typist, you need a computer that works for you.


Where Do I Start?


Start with figuring out what you need, what kind of budget you are working with and what programs you use with the operating system they are compatible with.

Let’s use a practical example, at Responsive we have both Mac and PC users. I am a motion designer and I could go with Mac, but over the last few years the offerings haven’t catered to the professional video consumer as much as they previously did. Macs have less power and are priced excessively...

With my career choice, I use programs which are hardware intensive. They require power and a lot of high-end hardware. PC’s are more affordable. I can build a PC with amazing specifications for half the price of an equivalent Mac. No matter who you are that is appealing. So, for my application PC is a better option.

For many of the designers I work with, Mac is a better choice. The Operating System is clean and easy to use. Apple also creates a unified system of file sharing between all your devices and your iCloud login.


What’s the difference?



There is a simple way to look at it:

  • Macs are designed, coded and tested with consistent parts by a single company

  • PC’s are assembled by one and all with a myriad of different component manufacturers that don’t all work together.

Building a PC has a learning curve because you have to match parts and research more to get what you want. Your average Mac will be easier to use because it comes as a single unit with everything done for you.

Windows has had a rough deal navigating all of those different parts in different combinations and people expect it to work well 100 percent of the time.

Apple OS has it easier because it's optimized for the hardware that it's shipped with so there are fewer compatibility issues.

You should bare this in mind when you are selecting what is the right machine for you.

In conclusion

If you are willing to pay the premium price and you don’t need an excessive amount of expandability and power then Mac is a good option. They are reliable and efficient.

If you want sheer power, expandability, aren’t scared of a bit of research and want future proofing, more affordability, and options. PC is the way to go. Whatever you choose make sure you get a system that's going to work the best for what you do.


Do this test to get a rough idea of what you should use.  

If you want another opinion here’s other articles that break it down in a different ways.



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