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Today, everybody’s online. It is estimated that approximately 3.4 billion people use the internet everyday.

Enter RE: Mag, a pioneering technology that’s changing the way consumers interact with digital media.

A new way of publishing content online


Consumers have become discerning. They have moved past consuming content merely because it is online. Consumers want engagement, interaction and that’s exactly what RE: Mag has been developed to do. It is a global platform facilitating living motion publishing through the use of rich media. It moves away from the static PDF page-turners we have come to know and love and it brings consumers an immersive and engaging brand experience. 




Let’s look at 5 ways RE: Mag can accomplish your brand engagement goals: 

1. Living life in motion 

Rich media advertising is a form of advertising that utilizes many different types of interactive digital media, including streaming, video, and audio. It represents a powerful creative opportunity, allowing campaigns to deliver far greater impact and engagement. RE: Mag is powered by rich media. The technology has been designed for progressive loading as well as low data usage. Leaving the consumer less worried about data and more focused on the brand experience. RE: Mag offers a digital immersive living motion publishing experience, like no other. 


2. The video revolution 

The video revolution is here and all brands should capitalize. Consumers’ appetite for snackable content and rich media is not going to wane, so brands have to deliver videos that are fun and engaging, but do not demand too much time and focus. RE: Mag facilitates full screen-integrated video content, from interviews to recipe demonstration or the unboxing of product. RE: Mag provides consumers with integrated video content with low data consumption. 


3. Podcast paradise 

Providing consumers with the option to listen to content is a growing trend that is not slowing down. Think of the increasing popularity of podcasts. Publishers must provide consumers with more options to listen as this trend may take center stage in 2018. RE: Mag offers brands the opportunity to embed podcasts and listening tools to attract and retain consumers. 


4. It's not real if it's not on social media 

Social media has captivated audiences of all ages and demographics. No matter who you are and what your interest, there is a social media platform for you. Incorporating this vital engagement tool is a key component of brand engagement success. RE: Mag easily incorporates social media sharing, making it easy for consumers to share their experiences with the friends and followers. 


5. Interactive - ready, set, go! 

Many consumers want to experience things first hand. Although they often look to influencers for endorsement, nothing is as good as a first-hand experience. Enter digital interactivity. With digital interactivity that RE: Mag offers, consumers no longer sit on the sidelines but engage and interact with content as they wish. Brands need to prioritize interactivity for 2018. 

It's hard to predict how technology and brand engagement will look like in 10 or 20 years, but one thing is clear: brand engagement through RE: Mag is the way forward. This pioneering solution will captivate your audiences and help digital publishers increase the much-wanted foot traffic that has seemingly eluded them.

Yes, content is king but engagement is key.

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