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Selecting a digital partner for your business is like picking the right school for your kid, buying your first home or choosing someone to marry.

It’s a big deal. 

“No way, we work with whoever comes in under budget”. This might be your problem. Think about it like this: digital is not going anywhere. The Internet is as much a part of our first world lifestyle as wearing socks. 

You, and your business have two options: either take the cheap route, bumble your way through the digital landscape, put your reputation online with poor quality products, or invest into your digital offering and outsource this need to a team who knows what they are doing. 



You may want to read 5 ways to tell if your business will flourish or vanish in the digital company, if you aren’t too sure of where you stand on that. It’s a no-brainer. The best way to move your business forward is to select the right digital partner to help you attain your business goals. How do I select the right digital partner for my business? We’re glad you asked... 


1. Go into it with a long-term approach 

Your digital partner should be a company you can see yourself working with on more than one project. In today’s world, it’s not enough to have a website and presume you’ve done your “digital bit”. A successful business plan keeps up to date with customers’ needs, innovates, upgrades their digital offering and adapts to the ever-changing online world. A successful partnership involves collaboration and knowledge sharing. This doesn’t happen overnight. You waste time and valuable resources if you change partners all the time. It takes a long time for an agency to understand your business in depth and for you to figure out how to work together. 


2. Ask some hard questions 

If you don’t know what you are looking for in a digital partner, you will find it very difficult to make the call about what kind of company you wish to partner with. Sit down and think through your vision for the digital side of your business: 

Where do you see this part of your business in 5 year’s time? 

What amount of time and money are you able to invest? 

What skills do you have in-house and which do you need to outsource? 

What are your key deliverables and outcomes? 


3. Do your research 

Once you have a good idea of what it is you are looking for in a digital partner, do some research. Digital partners are located across the globe and you can find great value if you consider crossing borders. Changes in communication mediums have made it possible for you to manage international business relationships with relative ease. Check out the work a company has produced in the past. Most digital agencies will put case studies, blog posts, videos and examples of their work online which you can look through. Bear in mind: 

Does the agency have clients in the same industry as you? 

Are they versatile? 

Can they handle the complexity of the project you require? 

What are their core competencies? 


4. Meet the people behind the brand 

When you have a list of strong options with your required skill set, go meet those trendy codings and creative people and see if you gel. What does the company value? Do they treat clients as paychecks, or do they take things personally? Get a feel for what the team will be like to work with. You‘ll need to meet more than just the CEOs- they won’t be delivering on your projects. Are they pretentious, or friendly? Can they make a barrister worthy cup of coffee? See the whole process as adding more members to your team. Select a partner who will challenge your ideas and at the same time work within your restraints. The best digital partnerships are ones where both parties are committed to learning from one another, working together and open communication. 

We value our clients and if you are looking for a digital partner committed to your success, send us an email. We’d love to hear from you. Thank you 

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