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Marketing, as her true self, has never been about trying to trick you into buying a product you don’t really want. That’s why content marketing has come to bring Marketing back to her roots.

In the last decade, Marketing has lost her true-self. She should have gone on a retreat in Bali, started Journaling or at least tried to read “Eat, Pray, Love.”

Marketing, if you scrape passed cold calling, a flyer stuck to your car windscreen and 100 opt-in forms on a one-page website- is about connecting the right person with the right product. Marketing, as her true self, has never been about trying to trick you into buying a product you don’t really want.

That’s why content marketing has come to bring Marketing back to her roots. Content marketing focuses on what it’s really about- a conversation, a story, and if the fit is right, a purchase.

Take this real-life example- across the road from our offices in Woodstock, Cape Town is an art gallery/coffee shop. The owner, a talented local artist, sells her art on the wall. She never locks me in the cafe, nor does she wallpaper the entrance with logos.

No, when I arrive at the cafe she tells me her story in a way which is compelling and interesting. She explains how she layers color, texture, and movement in each piece and she treats me like a guest. Check out this link: Why Our Brains Crave Storytelling In Marketing

I walk away from the cafe with a respect for her craft. She has peaked my interest. She has given me value and I’ll be back for more. I might even buy a piece.



Content marketing is similar to this experience; it’s a natural sharing and giving back to the world from your armload of skills. It makes your customer’s lives better, it solves their problems and it even makes them laugh. Content marketing is marketing gone back to its roots: It’s not pushy, less gimmicky and more “this is what I know and this is what I do”.




Here are 6 reasons why quality content creation and a content marketing strategy should be a part of what you do.

Traditional channels are diluted and ineffective

Life is digital. Do you remember the last time you opened a newspaper? Wrote a letter? Scheduled a meeting in a written diary (they still sell those?). Getting the word out needs to be online. Good content created for the right person and shared in the right channels will get you further than any big presiding billboard ever will.

Content Marketing is a way of conveying your brand’s offering without being overly promotional

It’s not in your face. It’s not offensive and it doesn’t make the buyer (who is already tired of adverts) run screaming. It informative, enticing and specific.

Content Marketing showcases your knowledge and expertise

When you create great content it shows the depth of the knowledge you have on a subject. Your content is the artist leaning over the counter and explaining the complexity of each art piece. It’s the subtle things you know and takes for granted which customer’s want to hear.

Content Marketing builds brand trust

The barriers to entry into skilled jobs has changed. Do a 1-month course and you can claim “expert”. Customers need a new way to assess the quality of a service provider. Content marketing helps them do that. A lot of good content showcases skills, work experience, and delivery.

Content Marketing educates your client

Most people are aware that they have a problem, but they aren’t aware of what steps they need to take to find a solution. That’s where Google and your content marketing come in. If you are able to create content around the client’s problem and showcase how you can assist them, you will move them one step further down the sales funnel.

Content Marketing helps with SEO

This wouldn’t be a blog post on content marketing without mentioning SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way Google indexes your website. If you have good SEO then it is easier for Google to send the right people your way. Good content means relevant SEO. Right people + right product = purchase.

The Story of Your Business Engages Customers- tell it

Your business has a story- where you came from, why you do what you do and what makes you special. Stories engage people. Buyers are interested in more than a “buy now mentality”- they want to buy into a story. Content marketing allows for you to tell your story and let passion lead the way.

“Unlike campaigns that only achieve results while you are actively investing in them, content marketing requires a consistent investment over time, but you get increasing rates of return.” Content Marketing Institute

The more quality content you share, the more likely browsers are to turn into buyers and friends. Push aside your preconceived notions of marketing and embrace the new and improved marketing: content marketing. She’s subtle, humble and good at her job. Are you in?

If you need a team of content creators to help produce some quality content for you and your business fill in a form and give us a shout.


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21-year-old Code for Cape Town alumni, Mandisa Dlubom joined Responsive Tech as an intern earlier this year and we’re so grateful that she did. We asked her a few questions and her answers reveal why she has been such a good fit and how having her with us has been more than mutually beneficial. What a woman!


“Hi Responsive Studio, we’re hosting a 10-day International film festival and we need full coverage from the first session in the morning to the very last salt rimmed cocktail in the evening… do you think your team is up for it?”

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